Use consumer generated video content to gain more customers

Companies that use Sentview

How does it work?

Our clever algorithm will search through thousands of Youtube & Instagram consumer videos on your brand & products and will then launch a social media campaign using these videos to retarget your lost audience and increase engagement! Alll available to track on your very own personal dashboard.

Collect video content

Collect consumer generated video content (UGC) from social video sources such as YouTube and Instagram.

Curate & Predict

Our clever Video Rank algorithm then helps you find and predict the perfect videos that will perform the best.

Spread your message

Then use the UGC to retarget both old and existing customers, ultimately increasing engagement and sales.

Why brands use Sentview?
Increase your revenue

Use Sentview to re-engage your lost audience and gain more customers. Ultimately, Sentview increases your revenue. Start your first campaign now
Save your time

Are you tired of wasting lots of time trying to browse the web looking for and going through positive videos posted by your customers? Or are you tired of wasting time being unnecessarily repetitive in your online campaigns? Sentview quickly obtains videos posted by your customers 200x faster. Start your first campaign now
Save your money

Are you tired of spending more money on marketing campaigns? Only pay for what's actually valuable. We don't charge for impressions, We only charge per engagement. Save your money. Start your first campaign now
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